I want you to know that out of darkness comes the most amazing possibilities.

When I was small (well maybe a little bigger than that) I loved nothing more than to be outside roaming the wilderness - being free. My memories are filled with walks, woods, red squirrels, hiding out in old oak trees and picking tomatoes from the greenhouse. I was a very happy child. Fueled with this happiness I would often be drawing, doodling and most definitely singing into my hairbrush! I was a creative soul.

I had felt completely at one with nature in every way - I was living free.

As soon as I started to creep into the real world it seemed to be constantly filled with brick walls. You can't do that because... I didn't like it and for most of the time growing up I was completely lost and had no value in the world. My soul got squished. I  leaped at any opportunity to feel whole again. At this time I had no idea exactly how my life was about to become the darkest place I'd ever been to. A 12 year long relationship with a man who ripped me to pieces daily. When I made my escape in 2006 I had no idea who I was, I was utterly shell shocked.

My body fought back rebelliously, with pain, depression and I felt lost.

The healing path I walked...more of a crawl.

I didn't know how to begin to glue the pieces of my soul back together, let alone do it along side bringing three children up on my own. During this time of solace I found pieces of me I had forgotten existed. My own creation of therapies lay in books, de-cluttering , a whole sea of tears, and observing my children's lives.

The real healing began when I found the outdoors again, to feel the freedom of air , the connection to earth and have the birthing of new life, of existence reflected back to me through the seasons of my healing journey. My creativity began to re-emerge. My painful, soulless past had miraculously steered me into an exceptional new beginning.

I began to re-build my life. Brick by brick. Moment by moment. I fell in love. Together we created a new way of living.

Still there were mountains to climb.

When I started my business in 2010 , it was very different to now. I just went with what I thought I was good at. I fell back into that 'conformity' I had been working so hard to break free from. I learnt so much these past few years, but, there was still a piece missing from the puzzle.

The most incredible outcome of starting your own business is that daily you step out of your comfort zone, it is the best self development opportunity, ever!

In early 2014, during a tele-summit I was invited to speak at I shared my personal story for the first time. It was powerful for me, and those who were listening. Since then I've not looked back. There is something so incredible that happens when you share your story - connection.

My heart was beating once more (that was the missing piece). The GIFT.

I now believed I could bring all that I had learnt, un-become and re-discovered into something tangible that could be shared.

I started to intertwine my years of teaching experience with all that I had learnt, so far. I created and developed the steps of the healing process I had gone through.

'CATCHING LIFE'  became my new life unfurl your inner wisdom. nourish your soul. re-connect with the every day beauty in life.

This sharing has brought me a far greater and liberating experience than I could ever have imagined.

Beautiful connection, more learning, reflection, resonance and it gives me immense joy to creatively empower women.

I want to encourage you to seek solitude, to re-new your values, liberate your emotional well-being, recreate boundaries, all vital steps in in re-discovering your truth. I want you to have the freedom and support to un-become everything that isn't really you - so you can become who you were meant to be in the first place.

I want you to spend every day 'Catching Life' and all of its magic - your magic.

I hope you will join me on this journey x

Love and Tea,

Sam x