For me being out in the limelight is like staring at the sun whilst riding a bike, you can't see where you are going and are pretty sure that there is a head on crash ,of a very personal kind, heading right slap bang in your direction.

We all get stage fright, often celebrities say that it keeps them grounded, those pre show nerves, and it probably does, but what if those pre stage nerves stop you from following your dreams for yourself and your business?

It is like having a present you cant give to someone just in case they don't like it or a painting that is so inspiring but yet it remains covered up just in case the sun fades its beauty.

So is wanting to hide away from the possibility of joy, experience and pleasure really how it needs to be?

I used to think so, and I still have many moments were my fear of what may happen stops me from the experience of what could happen.

Something happened lately that I want to share with you, because if I can find a way to step out once in a while to face my fears and begin to enjoy the opportunity experience brings, you too can make that choice to find a way that enables you to be in the sun in your own way and style.

This is not a quick fix, and it is OK to take things slowly, to test the water with one toe, but here are some of the ways that have led me to go from invisible to visible and means I have the courage to write this very blog...

Optimism even in my darkest moments I have held on to the feeling of coming out of the other side and getting back on my feet, because deep down I knew I had done it before.

Baby Steps give yourself the time you need, don't pressure yourself, give yourself a hard time or let anyone else do that to you either.

Get Help do not for one moment underestimate the power of getting the right help. I'm not talking friends or family here, although if you are lucky enough to have completely neutral focused people around you then fab, but fresh eyes and someone who has already experienced getting to the other side with the specific skill set you need right now is so powerful.

Self Care take time out, meditate, exercise, eat good nutritious food, laugh, dance, get a pedicure take a walk, whatever nourishes your soul do it, rejuvenation clears the mind and helps you look at things from a different perspective.

Scream, Cry & Shout in private, with your mentor, coach, counselor or friend the pure release of all that stress, anger and frustration is better out than in, I've cried river, sea and ocean over my lifetime, it has led me to the point now that I have more smiley days than sad.

Alternative Remedies I'm a practical no woo woo kinda girl, but I have kept my mind open to alternative ways of soothing my soul so I can live my life, among them have been Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or tapping as it is sometimes called, law of attraction, journey work, journal writing and meditation.

Promise yourself you will action one comfort zone stretching no matter how small step daily, it can be anything from taking a shower, walking out the front door or picking up the phone to book a coaching call, I know to some these tasks may be every day stuff but i know for other this is like putting your hand in a burning flame.

Believe in you, the power of the universe and the immense love that is waiting for you out there in so many places, and of course the absolutely amazing feeling you will get when a fan, yes you will have fans, will leave a comment or send you an email saying thank you your gift inspired me and led me to change my life.

Yes I hear you (well it is probably the gremlin in my head speaking) what is a (used to be) Systems Geek doing writing about being invisible visibly?

Systems are powerful tools and it is quite easy for me to remain visible whilst being invisible, I can hide behind social media, automate all my processes for communicating with my clients, I can even hire someone to do everything for me, if I so wished, but Systems are not there to be misused.

They can be used simply and smartly to enhance your life and business, and one of my missions is to help my community become visible in their own true spotlight in their own way, and be supported to accomplish their dreams. The first step for you is to turn that spotlight on, so we can fully see you in all of your glory, once we see that we can ensure that light stays on and shines brightly for all to see what wonderful gifts you have to give.

So as I continue on my journey you may well see me going from invisible to visible, and I hope to see you there too.

If you would like to share your story or something has resonated with you today please leave a comment below or if you would prefer please email me samantha [a] I would love to know where you are at and whether you have any tips you have learnt from your own journey.

Have a wonderful day!

Sam x