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courage through writing

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For when you feel like you have so much to say,

But, the words get stuck in your mouth.

Have you ever felt like you have so much to say and want to say it all in one mouthful?

Do you listen to others speaking your thoughts, knowing that you could put them forward in a way that would reach people too?

Is your only obstacle the crippling and frustrating fear of not being able to get past the showing up bit!!?

Because that bit feels really shit.

I want my class to help you with that, right here, right now.

Tomorrow only holds remorse and regret if you are not reaching out and sharing what you need to with someone that listens.


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taking a dip in the brave ink allows you to delve into

the deepest part of yourself and find your voice.


Writing has given me a unique space to explore privately all the things I want to say out loud. To understand what matters to me, what I want to say no to, let go of and decide what I definitely want to share in the outside world.

It has helped me communicate with people from a place of connection, truth and service that I had never previously assumed possible, to know there are other ways of reaching out and sharing, to say something important with compassion, without the need to receive or judgement of outcome. It has helped me see fear in a new light.

I have got to know myself and unpeel the layers of conditioning that have suffocated my truth and silenced my voice. I am now stepping into my voice each day with new wisdom and strength.

It has enabled me to release my voice from my private space to confidently sharing it in the outside world.

In this simple, and courage provoking, 8-week adventure I’ll teach you how to find your courage through writing. With journaling techniques and daily practices, together we will delve into the words and decipher what they mean for you, helping you to distinguish between ego and truth so you will no longer be scared to write in the outside world, and, your true desire to evoke the emotions of your community through your writing to encourage transformation and positive change will be realised.

You don’t need to have journaled before, have a fancy notebook or have a blog, just the willingness to show up in this safe space and get a little braver, whilst being supported and guided.

This class will help you get to the heart of what your voice wants to say and make a firm decision on what that looks and feels like when you show up in your world and the outside world.



what’s in the class?

I love to create classes that feel like you’re going on a new adventure.

Taking you along a path of exploration, experimentation, experience and expression.

This eight week online class is no exception.

In the comfort of your own space.


We will be covering:

  • Finding Inspiration

  • Writing well (from the heart)

  • Managing emotional engagement

  • Overcoming mindset obstacles

  • Improving writing skills

  • Daily Practices

  • Visibility

  • Writing in the outside world with confidence

  • Self expression

  • Creating a personal ‘tool’ box

  • Growing your courage muscles

  • Learning to connect with yourself & find your voice

 who this class is for.

If curiosity is calling you to step into a more fully expressed version of yourself, because its too painful to stay quite.

You may have dabbled with writing a journal, you may have written a blog or an article for the local magazine.

You may have written a shopping list. It doesn’t matter. Understanding your desire for it matters.

And being here is a great place to start.

The purpose of this class is to get ‘brave (r)’ and the guiding tool that we use to get there is ‘ink’.

It is not just for writers, or business folk with a blog, although, it will help you reconnect to your craft.

Finding your voice is a vital part of expressing yourself, truthfully and wholly in all areas of your life - work and play.

The braver you are, the more you engage in your own life and encourage others to do the same is an opportunity to make a positive impact in so many ways.

P.S. It is not for spammy sales people, for those who would rather coerce than connect, a one stop shop to your marketing problems and it is not a copywriting course.

I came to Sam’s workshop just at the right time for me. It was when I was going through a big transformation in my life and was on the brink of making big changes in my life and career. Sam’s workshop was the reminder that I needed; to be brave, to allow myself to be more fully seen and just go for it. I left feeling inspired, courageous and a knowing that I needed to do what had niggled at me. Thank you Sam for the wonderful reminder of how powerful our personal stories are and how when we share them, it helps others feel less alone.
— Ismene



Registration Opens: February 2020

CLASS BEGINS: March 2020

DURATION: 8 weeks


Fee: £88.00


Thank you for a wonderful morning full of love and inspiration. This was exactly what I needed. I’m leaving with a deeper determination to stop comparing and start owning who I AM.

You have much sincerity and passion.
— Cordelia