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I'm Sam.

I'm a creative writer (my heart lays willingly in magical realism), founder of Catching Life Magazine, co-author of 'Women of Spirit', and a down to earth techie who loves to help you create magic in your business. I have spent the past decade collating ways to re-ink my own story, after years of rumbling with depression (amongst other things). I have found Wandering and Ink to be my most faithful allies. I am passionate about teaching you how to be brave enough to step into your story so you can re-connect to your true spirit and create a life that fulfills your everyday desires. 

A welsh girl at heart, tea lover, doodler, editor, teacher, wife to Jon + Mum to our four children, I am happiest when the ink is flowing, wandering in the wilderness and adventuring with my family.

which adventure is calling you?



you yearn to ease your pain.

you need a space that feels safe, familiar + free to go at your own pace, where you can be alone, but, not feel alone as you bravely navigate your negative narrative + map out new adventures.

you are craving connection.

you are seeking a group of like minded women, who wish to learn in a collaborative + safe environment + share openly, knowing I + they have your back. to grow in life + business.

you desire to make an impact.

you are an entrepreneurial woman with a desire to be brave enough to craft your story + share it with your community - with a sprinkle of fairy dust to get you through the techie part.

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expell your negative narrative + ink the storY you DESIRE to live.

take part in this e-course.

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love letters from me.

delivered to you with love.

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