Why the 'Make it happen' mind set doesn't work......When you're on a healing journey.

How many times has somebody said to you; get over it, move on, just think positive thoughts, aren't you over that yet? It Feels like shit.

It took me an e-on to realise it, that what I needed was different. The support that I needed was indeed very different and there was something I had to go through before I could even consider the 'Make it Happen' mind set.

We are bombarded daily with positive affirmations, take action proclamations and get over yourself prescriptions. Social Media means are already busy mind is filled with more fuel to please our inner critic and keep us in a victim mentality.

And if you were normal (instead you are uniquely weird and wonderful, that's why you're here) all this 'positive juice' would motivate you, excite you, you would be making it happen, wouldn't you? But you're not, right?

When you have experienced abuse or bullying in any form all this constant yelling is just noise, and the vibration makes you feel sick. This positivity is like a knife driving through your broken self. It cracks you open so wide you struggle to carry your burdened self into the further overwhelm and uselessness.

I know it's cliché! But I know how it feels.

the guilt. hopelessness. feeling pathetic. Wondering why? When will it end? When will you know? What do you need to do to stop this relentless emptiness and pain that prevents you from being 'normal'? Do I even want to be normal? Who the hell am I anyway?

And yes I am guilty of sharing 'positive' juice, I own that. Everything I share comes from my journey, not from a book or guru. It's personal to me. I get downloads of inspiration, I hope that all that I share is seen at exactly the right moment, when its yours to take and own and know what to do with.

But today, while you are reading this know that it's time to stop listening to the outside world and time to start rekindling your inner one.

How right? Well that's the thing, its not a how its a what.

What is your body telling you?

What does it feel like?

What does it sound like?

What is the shouting in your head telling you, is it true?

What can you do right now to dig deep into that, to swim it, to go under?

I want you to get familiar with the dark, the uneasy and the pain.

YOU need to listen to it right now. Feel it. Embrace it. Chew it over.

Then spit it out.To see the pearl.

Why the 'Make it Happen' mind set doesn't work (yet)?

Because it is essential to feel your pain before you can know what you want to leave behind. So that you can then decide how you want to feel going forward. Then and only then can you 'Make it Happen'.

Know this...

With love and happiness,

Sam x