You know the days when you feel numb, like you just can't be bothered or you're wondering if you just might be way to tired to go out in the world today? Well that is my version of Flat Lining.

Its the day where you've already tried going for a walk, singing in the shower, looking for inspiration on Pinterest. The day where the funniest comedian in the world couldn't muster a laugh from you right now.

Maybe even a cuddle from your favourite person couldn't rise you.

"You feel like the beat has gone silent, the fizz has left your lemonade and the pop has disappeared from your weasel."

Then the guilt may creep in, you start asking yourself what the hell are you doing? Why are you behaving like this today?

You know you can't change the world sitting on your derriere! You say to yourself vehemently.

You may continue this entourage of abuse for most of the morning, wondering what the hell you can do to re-light your fire and then it dawns on you...

"Sometimes you just need to accept your body is giving you the day off..."

And at first it feels like someone else is speaking, but really its your wiser self dropping a big clanger, you really should know.

It's a day to be alone, maybe wallow in the mud a little, contemplate and most definitely nourish yourself with love, good food and silence.

Most of all its a day to recognise yourself as a human being.

The imperfect miracle that you are in all of your years of experience and wonder.

To accept today as your day, to be you, to not be you, to remind yourself of you.

To know that our body knows best and that there is some bigger reason behind todays rest and that it is most wise to take it, embrace with open arms.

Whether you are seeking solace on your lunch break, ditching the commute and taking the bicycle, walking through the park on your way to work, loving the duvet right now or like me expressing my moment through words, know this is your moment to just be.

Do you have days where you feel like you have just Flat Lined?

Tell me more in the comments below or email me hello@samanthageddes.com.

What do you do to raise your beat back up?