Your emotions constantly in self-destruct mode with everything that is thrown at you - there is no chance to breathe.

You feel this immense shame about feeling low, sad, hurt, hard done by and lonely.

Life on the outside, to all and sundry is pretty darn perfect, right?

But on the inside you’re dying, looking, hoping, desperately seeking, you and breaking out from this mundane and monotonous struggle life has decided to throw at you.

  There doesn’t seem any moment to take a breath, to look up and observe, to make a clear decision. Then as you turn a corner...BOOM - Another down day.

Would like me to tell you it gets easier, better. That the little hope you have is worth all the pain?

  YOU need to decide each day if you want to make that choice, to keep the faith. You could say I’ve reached the other side, the majority of the time life is pretty darn beautiful, and I now have the ability, the gift, to see so much more value all around me and within me, than before. Right down to the birds singing, and the smiles on my children’s faces.

But ‘life’ the one that still bullies me so much about things I have left un done - I'm yet to work out the code of how I put these challenges to rest. They are frequent now but not relentless, I have chance to breath in between and remind myself of my strength, courage and all that I have accomplished. I am no longer ashamed of what and when, I sometimes get lost in the how, but I am proud, and so should you be.

For each day you feel like a piece of you has died, it has, but in its place is a new part of you. With it brings gifts, to your life and for those around you.

How Strong You Are When You Shine From Your Darkness - Samantha Geddes Quote
How Strong You Are When You Shine From Your Darkness - Samantha Geddes Quote

Yes, I have dark days, given, but I live for the beautiful - the blue sky I gaze at...bare foot walking on the lush cool grass.

Places I'll find my rainbows, the joy that will fill more of my days.

For each day you decide you have the courage to allow the dark, it leads a step closer to being you - in all your beautiful messy glory.

So today, when your day is dark, just give yourself permission to lay, be and give yourself a hug, call a friend, go for a walk and hold on to the blue, capture your smile and let it fill you up - take the chance to breathe.

  If you're having a black day and would like a friendly ear to listen to you and just be there, message me,

with love,

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