If, you start the day feeling, alive, happy and rejuvenated,

you are more than likely to carry that feeling with you for

the rest of the day.


If however, like our friend here, you wake up and feel groggy or like the duvet is your best friend and definitely way better than facing that big wide world out there, then it can be hard to take that first step out of bed.

So what can YOU do to flip it?


1| Have a Good Night.

Yes, we are talking sleep here, not a night on the tiles!

Having a good routine each night before bed can enhance your sleep and help you to wake up feeling refreshed and energised.

So decided on a bed time that will give you the amount of sleep YOU need. And stick to it at least four nights a week.

Think about what food and drink you put in your body before bed, is it rich and full of junk or do you nourish your body by drinking water or a soothing herbal tea?

Is your bed welcoming, if not, what can you do to make it so?

And your room is it dark and quiet?

This is your time to rest, the space and routine each evening should promote sound sleeping perfect for you.

2| Breathe or Meditate.

After you have had an awesome sleep, it is good to wake up slowly and take in the day.

Try a breathing exercise or meditation, it need only be 5 - 10 minutes and will help you get grounded for the days intentions.

Check out HEADSPACE for simple meditations.

3| Move.

When I say move, it does not mean you need to go for a 10 mile hike at hour dot in the morning!

Easing your body into the day with some gentle stretches or a short walk will help ignite those happy chemicals in your body so you feel more spritely to engage in your day.

4| Nourish.

Your body requires fuel to enable it to feel energised all day.

So starting the day nourishing your soul with some wholesome goodness like a green smoothie or waking up those major organs with a warm lemon water is the perfect starting platter for your day.

5| Make a Plan.

Every day should start with an intention, and a plan.

This is not your to do list it is how you go about your day, how are you going to lead your day today?

This should include how you are going to approach hiccups, challenges or changes.

What word will carry you through your day today?

6| Make your Bed.

This is a psychologically proven way of keeping happy.

Making your bed gives you a sense of pride, accomplishment, de-clutters your space, can lead to creating other good habits and its great to get into at the end of the day!

Try it :-)

7| Lead with Love.

Say it, share it and do everything from the heart.

with love and sunshine,

Sam x