Getting to the end of 2015 is rather a blessing in disguise. Lets just say I wouldn't put it down as of my most favourite years (with a few exceptions).

One thing I do know though is every year brings its lessons.

Indeed I could look back on the year with regret, another year gone by without progress or a sniff of 'success'...which would be really easy as I'm sat here on the couch, ill, with a chest infection I've had for most of December. :-(

But, I have learnt too much, already, to go there...it doesn't help you on your way.

You have to take the lessons and the steps, no matter how small, and pick them up so you can nurture them into something more for the next leg of your journey.

So here's the 10 things I learnt in 2015...

1. I need to look after myself way more.

This year a few things, that seriously fill me up, have gone out the window. I'm feeling the strain of letting those disappear, and my body has too. So more time scheduled in for rest, fun and love.

2. Letting my 'talents' free, will be the difference.

I've been seeking outside validation (indeed part of the process of healing) and completely ignoring, and hiding all my goodies. NO MORE!

3. I have all the answers - I need to act on them.

A slight add on to No.2, in the fact that I have a tendency to look at what others are doing, believing that it will help me find my style. I need to close myself off from outside influences that will not bring out my true style.

4. I am truly supported, more than I realise.

It can be difficult (I know) to relinquish independence in any shape or form after you have been in an abusive/ bully type relationship. On one hand you feel you need to almost prove you can do it all and the other is dealing with the possibility of someone else being in control of your life, even for just a moment. It can suck. Over this year I have taken the time to pause and watch as those who are around me support me, emotionally, physically, lovingly and unconditionally. Drinking it in. Try it.

5. What you desire and sometimes need, changes quite frequently (especially when healing) and being flexible and compassionate are essential to allow this to unfold.

6. Although the 'worst' habits are sometimes invisible (or not yet understood) you can break the cycle and you will.

7. Remember to always be yourself and make decisions from your heart space.

8. To empower others I share my knowledge and listen (not my hardworking hands).

A reminder that to empower others and myself, I have to stand back.

9. The universe has my back, even if I don't always understand how.

10. That REAL connections, preferably daily, are VITAL for my SOUL.

Aka, get out of the house and meet friends, other entrepreneurs for coffee, walking etc.

Did any of this hit a chord with you? Have you noted the lessons you have learnt in 2015?

I'd love to know. Pop me a message in the comments below.

Have a super New Years Eve x

Sam x