I wonder why it is I became stuck like this?

Staring into space, when I should be being ace.

But nothing appears and I'm still sat here, empty mind

- not lost, not found, just run aground.

It's like my legs don't work, so I can't walk.

Something I know normally works a treat,

but I just can't move my feet.

I'm never sure, even though I've been here before.


I thought I'd put all my ego's to rest and let out all my best.

I wonder If I'm actually fine, but

it's all those bloody stuck habits of mine?!

Playing their games, refusing to leave,

letting me think I just don't believe.

It's quite bizarre how I've come this far, and yet,

I'm still sat here...

Staring into that blimmin' space!


Stuck, Stuck, Stuck - F&<#!

a poem, by Samantha Geddes


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