Do you ever wonder how you are going to move forward?

 [If your brain could just stop buzzing (or unfreeze) around for just one moment and allow you to focus on what needs to happen right now!]

I have an apology, maybe more of a confession, but its a #sorrynotsorry kind of one.

I've been building my writing muscle, as is my focus for this year, and I was doing really well (as consistency goes anyway) but I hit a brick wall last week and everything grinded to an almighty halt. Which included the non completion of my new gift for subscribers, Honestly I just wasn't feeling it.

But I'm in complete TRUST right now, so instead of feeling impending doom, and thinking I've let my tribe down, I just let it go and moseyed on into the now half term holiday with the kids, where funny enough, I've had bouts of inspiration cultivating in this blog and building into the outline of my new course coming out next month. YAY!

The thing is I'm so sure about what I'm doing right now (I know that sounds like a contradiction) with my work, I have the year planned out, its very gentle, and yet there is much work to do, but my work, it feels so good, I love it. And that has taken a long time to come to that kind of feeling.

True, I might not have all the answers and there most certainly will be more road blocks to jump over.

AnywayI have a gift for you today and it will totally help you when you're stuck, in overwhelm or don't think you know where you are going.

Below you will find a link to tools I used to use with my clients when I was 'The Savvy Systems Stylist', oh yes I was, I've re-awakened them because they have their place with my work now (I didn't actually realise how powerful they were initially until I saw the results my clients were getting!).

The thing is there is a process you need to go through when you hit specific stages in your growth (or the messy bit in the middle) you almost need to re-awaken yourself at each stage, to get grounded again.

The tools: (click to download)



HEAD TO HEART | 5STEP - Five questions to ask yourself to get on track, and take intentional action.

How to use them:

Each tool comes with its own instructions on how to use them each day.

Take your time. Patience is your friend.

Be open. This is a going from your head to your heart exercise.

Be honest with yourself, and fill the sheets in.

What you can expect:

Normally I don't tell my clients, I just ask them to complete the task.

What I will say is, it will not take up any more of your time each day, it will give you more time going forward - this is proven.

It's about supporting your feminine energy with masculine systems, its a rocking formula!

And you will not find what you expect, you will discover much more.

Before you go, I would love you to email me today hello@samanthageddes.com subject: CHECK IN and let me know where you are right now, what challenges you are facing and what you will use these tools for?

Think of it as bonus accountability, so I can check in with you and see what you have discovered. I wish you well x

With love, discoveries and cups of tea,

Sam OsbistonComment