January has gone so fast and usually that would sting like hell, but let me tell you why this year I'm going in gently... Every year, for as long as I can remember I've been completely cross with myself because I'm not exactly where I think I should be on January 1st.

And on top of that I spend the whole rest of the year criticising and moaning about it in some shape or form and it somehow becomes my go to 'valid' excuse for everything that is not going my way!

Sound familiar?

Here's the good news...nature knows best and I feel like I get more in tune with what is best for me as each season unfolds, and winter, that's for hibernating!

So it is my plan to slowly and gently stretch and yawn my way into 2016.

I want to find my feet, feel my way into my plans for the year and I am totally turning off to the stir crazy goal setting, and being strict with myself over being any where but here by this time tomorrow.

Does that sound like something you would love to do too?

Fab. You see going gently on oneself is one of the most important parts of healing, so be compassionate with yourself.

Here is how I'm gently walking into 2016...

I'm taking a leaf out of natures book.

Tis the season to hibernate after all - I'm with the bears all the way on this one. So if you feel like an afternoon nap, sitting peacefully with a cuppa or meditating, then go with it.

I'm enjoying every moment.

When was the last time you actually took a moment to observe your life? Watching life is so rewarding you get to see the little things far more clearly, hear the laughter and feel the love. Be here now.

I'm not over subscribing to anything!

This includes subscriptions to newsletters, information I do not need and that will not enhance my life, networking that doesn't serve me, courses that I really don't need - unless it truly serves me right now in this part of my journey its a NO.

I'm spending time with people who energise me.

Meeting friends for a cuppa, long walks and proactive chatter, listening ears and warm hugs.

I'm creating 'markers' not goals.

I used to be a little OCD on the planning front, and expecting goals to be met rigidly, but it really isn't the way to go when there are still parts of your life that needs healing. So this year I'm easing in by creating 'markers'.

Guides to where I would like to be, and a point to review so I can move positively move forward without the need to be frustrated with myself.

I'm focusing on one project at a time.

It may sound like an obvious thing, but Ive been terrible really. So eager to achieve everything at once, to deliver whats in my head from my experiences, that actually I haven't done much of naything other that overwhelm the overwhelm.

Thankfully this appears to be working out quite nicely with my new pace. I feel truly blessed right now.

♥ I am in complete TRUST.

How do you feel about 2016 so far?

Have you been putting pressure on yourself to accomplish EVERYTHING right now?

I'd love to hear more about how you are going into 2016, and what you would like support around to help you on your way.

As always you can email me, comment below or on Facebook/ Instagram.

With love, snoozes and cups of tea,

Sam OsbistonComment