I'm sitting here wondering what to do next. At least that's better than the staring into space.

Today is World Mental Health Day*. So I guess its apt that I'm having an off day and can totally relate to the other 450 million people who currently suffer with mental 'disorders'.

I'm not 100% sure that 'staring into space' has been classified as a mental health disorder. I am aware though that it is indeed a debilitating side affect of depression, and I've experienced it over long periods of time for years.

I hear you when you say 'snap out of it Sam' or 'Where's your get up and go' erm well its bloody gone! I reply with a hint of sarcasm if I can muster it.

And how do I snap out of it?

Some days I can't. Some days I can. There doesn't seem to be any rules with this 'illness'. Its just as likely to be there as it is not.

What I have found, however, that the can't days have got less the more I have delved into things like mindfulness, nature, reading and being around people who make me happy and give off positive vibes.

I recognise what makes me feel good, and I know that there are things that can activate a slow dive into the dumps. Like being alone for too long, late nights, negative people and putting too much on my plate.

I do have some amazing days and this I say to you is what you need to hold onto. They are the days that will remind you. Help you. Lift you out. When you need it most.

There are two sides to this story. Make a choice today which one you would like to be a part of each day. And then do that. I have found that to be the best way to have a better day than yesterday.


*For more information about Mental Health and World Mental Health Day visit or type 'World Mental Health Day 2016' into your search engine for information from your country.