On my run this morning, enjoying the natural beauty of the outdoors and listening to my usual cheese on my Walkman, (flashback...of course I mean Ipod darling!) my brain started to carry me on a fondue of exploration of my past, in completely random ways and I wasn't sure where it was going but I knew whatever it was I obviously needed to delve into it to move on in some way.

It wasn't till the Barden Bellas came on with a re-mix of Price Tag (I said I liked cheese right?) that I realised what was looking at me was a lack of feeling worthy, with 'friends' from the past and how I now demonstrate my value by way of a 'price tag'.

Now you may think I' going in the direction of do you know your value, are you charging enough, do you value yourself and charge what you worth? But I'm not, yes we could have a long deep and meaningful about how that works.

Along side my morning muse, I got asked a question the morning that made a few more jigsaw pieces fall into place about what is really important to me, and this is in a completely none shiny kinda way, besides when the words flowed out so did the tears and that's when you gotta make it happen right?

So what was the question?

Name that big dream?

For me its really simple, and let's just say the thread that ran through mine was definitely plump, comfy, beautifully designed cushions, if you read into that it says a lot more than you think, but I'm not here to share my full dream with you but to challenge you to know yours, inside out and around the twist.


You see, once I started to think about what my deep meaningful dream was it opened the flood gates to a whole new level of myself that I had forgotten about, something that forms my unique I.D that only I have experienced, but I had totally overlooked it before as un worthy, not valid and what could anyone gain form me sharing that, all those limiting beliefs broiled up into a brick wall that had stopped me for such a long time.

So I challenge you to ask yourself today, Name that big dream, and see where it takes you.

All you need is a piece of paper, a pen and a quiet spot with no distractions and just write until you know.

with love,

Sam x