My head is completely full of compartments, it's how I think. Sometimes it takes me off track.

I imagine it as a giant collection of pigeon holes with conveyor belts taking all my information on a little journey to it's purposeful box.

Sometimes though my head doesn't know where to put the information, stuff in life isn't all that black and white, and I end up going into a frenzy of 'does not compute' 'does not compute' which I used to get hung up about.

It wasn't until I started to peel the layers of my mind that were thick with the past that I really started to uncover my true core.

Once I started to that it made me think a whole lot more about the people I was working with on a deeper level (I'm a big thinker!).

If I truly understood some of the reasons why people approached their daily life it would assist in the ways in which I could help them.

I wanted to understand the why, the what and the how, and most certainly the who.

I didn't want to work with people and put their personality on mute, or try to force any of my clients to implement tasks that they most certainly would never keep up. There had to be a way to empower others to take action and be more productive in their own way...

So I started pulling my previous clients to pieces (not literally!), delving into every element of how they worked and why, and what would make the difference to them, so they could retain their scatty minds but still achieve their dreams.

The Productivity Personality Style was born...

and it worked!

It enabled myself and my client to establish a solid starting point.

So now you can access a tool that helps you to understand your key traits and ultimately your power, which helps you know where you fit in, in many situations, and especially within in your own business.

This I have found to be invaluable. It keeps me on track, and my clients have a tool that keeps them grounded when they go way off track.

Put your feet on the ground!

If you're finding business and life slightly chaotic at the moment, here's some tips to get back on the ground floor:

  • Go for a walk and plug into nature for at least 20 minutes
  • Stop everything you are doing and take a brain dump - put everything on a large piece of paper with a real pen
  • Organise (de-clutter) your working space, be ruthless!
  • Talk it out with your best listening buddy
  • Take the Productivity Personality Style Quiz

with love and happiness,

Sam x

P.S The Productivity Personality Style Quiz is no longer available.