Business Hero Support
Business Hero Support

Together achieves more...

If you have children you may have watch the film Sky High (or maybe you watched it anyway!)

It's your usual Super Hero story, the villain never rules the day...but it has an incredible sub plot - it's all about Hero Support, those action hero's who whiz around outside of the limelight and ensure things are all put in place ready for exactly the right point when the Superhero needs them.

It's a real feel good factor film, and it gets you thinking about how you can relate to it in 'real' life...

I'll be the first one to say that I have in the past not considered how much support I've needed to help me achieve my dreams, or get the house in order. Having fourchildren is a Superhero job in itself, and I've also had to remind myself of that...even the Superhero's need some time out. Sometimes though I don't think I've really appreciated those little bits of help I have had, and maybe at the time you can be so caught up in being a Superhero you take for granted the line of people you already have in your life that make it work relatively smoothly.

Unfortunately you may not all be in a position that you have family on board to help out with the kids, or to walk the dog, entertain the cat...You may be just starting out on a new adventure and have no one around you, that you are aware of that can help you with said tasks or indeed ensure you keep on top of the everyday tasks while you carry out everything that needs to be done to save the world.

Being Supported in your life and business comes in many shapes and forms, and in order to truly put the right support in place you need a moment or two to get truly honest with yourself.

So you need to start by asking yourself some questions so you can take the next step:

How do I feel about asking for help?

We all have our own level of pride and often this prevents us from asking for help from the most obvious sources, thus stopping us from achieving the next goal we desire to tackle. The key here I accepting that you find this a challenge and understanding why, create two columns on an A4 piece of paper, write all the reasons down that you don't ask for help in column one...then in column two flip the negative reason into a positive and see what comes up for you? Looking good?

What do you need and what do you want?

Need and Want...totally different but as important as each other, if you truly Desire (want) something to happen inyour life, to make things progress in a positive way, then your desire should be your FOCUS to make sure you put specific processes, people and plans in place that you NEED to make your desire achievable...Our Desires power are energy, but sometimes we focus to much on our needs, which has a negative effect on your energy, address your needs as much as you possibly can at each stage and your energy levels will rocket.

When do you need to take action?

This may seem a bit strange, surely you take action every day, right? Often our action is really procrastination, your ego makes you believe you are taking action by keeping you busy with non income producing tasks or 'pretending' the washing up is far more important than making that sales call (I've totally done that). There is nothing wrong with you and you shouldn't ever feel bad, give yourself permission to have at least one day in the 'Procrastination' zone, sometimes we need it. If you have a specific goal, maybe you want to put an online training programme together or get visible on a Google Hangout, then so that can happen you are going to need to take some serious action.

Why and Where do you intend to go?

I'm taking you back to your DESIRES here. You may not feel like you are totally tune into what they are, I know It's taken me a on a very long journey with a whole lotta diversions to get to a place within myself that I feel totally cool and passionate about, so know that it is totally ok to be here exactly where you are now. I want you to go for a walk and think about this question...What is going on in your life right now, What do you believe you have the capability to change right at this moment that will take you one little tiny centimetre closer to reaching your Desires?

Why do you want to get there?

How will that make you feel when you are?

I'd like you to capture that in "An Inspired Declaration", this is a promise to you, to be persistent, be as strong as you can be in following your goals, and understand for each step how you need to be supported, because you are invaluable to the world with whatever gift you have that needs to shine right now.

Know this whatever you are showing as right now is part of your intended path, and it will make you stronger and wiser, and definitely more passionate!

To create "An Inspired Declaration" you can draw, write, create a collage, write a song...just delve in and let the creativity flood out x

I would love you to share your "Inspired Declaration" with me please email me samantha [a] samanthageddes.com and feel free to ask me any questions too.

with love and happiness,

Sam x