Do you ever wonder what it would be like to jump in the Dr's TARDIS and skip back to a time in your life so you could re-live it or maybe re-do it? Or do you long to forget your past and head straight for your future to see how it all turns out?

In todays world it can be hard to get that moment to yourself to even consider whether you would head to the past or the future, and what would you change or learn from it if you ever found the TARDIS anyway?

STOP for a moment and breathe in the natural energy all around you

I want you to think for a moment as if you were a Time Traveller...

What do you look like?

How do you feel?

Where are you going to?


Use all 5 of your senses...smell, taste, sight, hearing, touch...what colours do you see? What can you smell?

You can close your eyes whilst doing this, take around 5-10 minutes and really imagine yourself there right now.

How was that?

What came up for you?

Did you learn anything new from your experience?

Create a Time Traveller Notebook and write it down.

There are five key reasons I've asked you to do this:

1. So you can stop for a moment and savour your senses, revitalise them

2. To show you how it feels to be in the now

3. To demonstrate a simple method to explore your true self and de-clutter your mind of old baggage

4. That you can time travel without the TARDIS ;-)

5. You have all the time you need to do things that make you happy right now

We get so caught up in societies restraints on our time that we don't enjoy what time we have...

So for the rest of this week I'd like to set you a Time Travel challenge!

I want you to treat each day like you have come back to do it all over again.

What would you say, do, feel, enjoy differently?

Use the above method to help you to achieve it.

I'd really love to know how that goes, Keep Time Traveller Notes and let me know in the comments below.

As always thank you for being such an invaluable part of my life.

Sam x