Happiness ~ Contentment is a peaceful kind of happiness in which one rests without desires, even though every wish may not have been gratified.

People say the universe provides the lessons and answers you need when you need them most.

I kinda believe that to be true.

As a budding entrepreneurial spirit you roller coaster through a myriad of emotions, learning and experiences that sometimes can leave you wondering how the hell you feel or indeed it can be enlightening to the point were you have your aha and that is it, you know, the true path you should take.

And wherever you are on the scale (and believe me it could be up, down or around the twist, I know that feeling!) how you are feeling right now will be the master of your current success, whatever that may mean to you.

I noticed I had this big missing piece inside of me, some of you may feel it too, and it is something you can't quite put your finger on. You feel guilty, maybe shamed, by this lack of something that is holding you back from smiling when you know you should and laughing when something is funny, because this hole is engulfing your very purpose.

It held me back for what felt like a life time, not because I didn't know what it was that was missing, but because I let it consume me and stop myself from living fully.

Lessons in life can be harsh, but mostly we need to give ourselves a break, creating opportunity to re-discover things we have forgotten can be the answer to not only finding your missing piece but to truly value the beautiful world around you and most of all, value peace within yourself that is ~ happiness.

Misunderstanding what happiness is to us can be worse than not finding it at all, and we must not be mistaken by the quick fixes we get from food, shopping or drugs. Understanding where are happy place is comes deep from within.

I want to share 7 strategies I explored to regain my happiness:

Reading by Instinct Consider how you feel right now and explore your local library or online book store, you will be drawn to books by what you need to read and learn from right now ~ try The Chimp Paradox by Dr Steve Peters

Positive Souls Surround yourself with positive souls, those who give you energy not zap you of it. Natter to them regularly.

Share your happiness "When you're smiling, the whole world smiles with you..." and it's true, that amazing feeling when you get a smile back or a hug (for at least 20 seconds!) not only gives happiness but reinforces yours too :-)

Gratitude Be thankful daily for the joy you have received, even the smallest of things can bring you great happiness. Say thank you for 3 things every day, the smile someone gave you, that parking space that magically appeared just when you needed it, or seeing your child taking their first step.

Self Care When was the last time you had a candle lit bubble bath, alone or went for a walk at your own pace, explored past loves, like drawing, singing or sewing? Try one this weekend and make it your eternal practice x

Morning Practice Beginning your day with a positive practice will increase your ability to experience happiness throughout that day, and will help you build strategies to actively maintain your happiness pot as you journey through life, by investing this time you will clear away the clutter and open yourself up to new possibilities. You can try meditation ~ check out the 'Headspace' app or Journaling, take a look at Julia Cameron for some ways of exploring this or go for a walk whatever the weather ~ Research local walks online by typing in Local Footpaths or Woodland Trust.

Believe You may find this feels like the hardest one of all, but I have noticed many people have belief in me, and sometimes that is as good as any place to start believing in yourself x

Love and happy vibes,

Sam x