Do you listen to your head or your heart?

It seems when you are lost in your troubles the one thing that could save you in an instant is the one thing we choose to ignore ~ YOUR HEART!

At some point in our life we have been instructed to make good decisions, think about what we have done, act like a grown up, be responsible for our actions and numerous other comments flippantly flown at us by 'grown ups' that now firmly take hold as our limiting beliefs.

So how do you know?

To distinguish between the two and so you can begin to become aware of whether you are listening to your head or to your heart, try putting yourself in one of these daily situations and listen to the first words that come up:

  • You've just walked into your house and the place is a mess
  • You have been asked to an amazing event
  • You had an argument with your partner, again
  • You are not living life the way you had dreamed of

 "Your head is saying ooo forget him, your heart is saying don't let go, hold on till the end..."

Sandy, Grease

OMG can they not just tidy up after themselves?!! ~ that'll be your head

I must talk with them about a way to help us keep the house tidy. ~ Your heart speaks

Your head will say you need to do A,B and C before Z, your heart will crave for the adventure, you always put aside as just a dream.

So are you happy with what your head is saying?

If the answer is no, you may wish to read on...


"when your heart seeks the extraordinary, you will follow..."

Samantha Geddes

What did your childhood teach you, that you need to remember?

My favourite part of being a child was venturing to my Poppa's and Aunty Marjorie's house, Tyn Y Coed. It was indeed an extraordinary place, and that is where my heart could learn discover the joys of imagination and play as only a child knows how.

There were fairies, red squirrels, adders, hiding in large oak trees and best of all my Auntie Marjorie, who made all the make believe come alive. I'm not sure what my Auntie Marjorie possessed within her being, but she was able to alight every moment with fun and laughter as equally she could put us in our place when we had stepped over the line!

I believe that this part of my life was not only my fondest memory, but the foundations to how my heart has always sought out the extraordinary in life. Without the make believe, the love and adventure I was so fortunate to have experienced as a child, I do not think I would have survived the dark days. The magic gave me faith, a spirited nature and a heart filled with love for people I'm still yet to fully understand. It gave me the extraordinary, the ability to see the world through very different eyes and be inspired by the possibilities.

This leaves me to ponder on a question that maybe you can answer... Do you believe you can regain that magical feeling again that you had as a child?

To help you have a think (with your heart) about some of these:

What adventures did you have?

What books did you read that inspired you?

Where did you go in your head?

Write down your thoughts in your journal if you have one and let me know...

What does your heart seek?