When I returned from Iceland I was buzzing with the excitement of such a fabulous experience and achievement both on a personal level and indeed how much sponsorship we had raised for the NSPCC. But my life - my body had an ulterior motive...REST! When my body has had enough, it let's me know. Usually I feel a bit like I'm going to get a cold. It all hangs around my head, achy face, sore throat etc.

Oh and nodding head syndrome!

The first thing I head for is the vitamin C fizz - if this doesn't work then it's onto plan b.

Complete switch off!

That's from digital and pretty much everything else too.

How - with four children, a business and a household to look after do you do that?

  Well if my body is telling me to STOP and REST. There is no alternative than to do it. So I collaborate on doing so with my family. They know having Mum around is pretty darn important. And business, its flexible, it has to be.

No, it hasn't always been this way. I've worked toward this. Slowly.

Each day asking myself "what can I do today, one thing, that will make a difference?"

Sometimes it has been letting go of responsibility and handing it over to my husband or my eldest daughter. Sometimes it has been making the decision of 'does this really matter?" - not today anyway.

What matters most of course is YOU.

So take heed and take care. Here's my thoughts on how:

NOTICE. Your body will tell you when it needs stuff, especially rest. Keep a log/diary/journal of how your body feels week by week so you can get to know it better.

NOURISH. Give your dinner plate some love with colourful food. Take that bath, add some gorgeous Epsom/ lavender salts. Move your body daily, yoga, walk out in nature. Smile. Give and receive hugs.

NURTURE. Do what you love. Add something into your routine every day. Give gratitude to all the good in your life. Share with others. Drink Tea. Eat Cake. Deep breathe the fresh air. Take baby steps. Tend to your roots.


  How do you put yourself first? And if you have gone off track with looking after yourself lately, what can you do today, just one baby step?

I'd love to hear from you, please share below x

Lots of love, tea and sweet hot baths,