This question has been following me around for a while now. I think sub-consciously it's been whirring away in my brain, scheming and coming up with plans - without me!

I've never really travelled much - Although that doesn't necessarily answer the question. A wild and precious life doesn't mean you have to travel the world.

I actually love the UK. It is beautiful. You don't have to go far to happen upon a chocolate box village or vast sweeping cliff tops to get an essence of adventure and stunning eye candy.

But, I get that calling, yearning for exploring and sometimes you just need a different kind of fix, one that involves stepping off one island and onto another.

So when an old school friend mentioned she was putting a team of PHS school friends together to trek across lava mountains in Iceland, well you know, I couldn't resist. Who doesn't want to climb volcanoes!!??

Icelandic Lava Trek NSPCC
Icelandic Lava Trek NSPCC

Did I consider at the time the distance of 58km or camping out all night, the lack of toilets along route or indeed that I've sat on my bum way to much lately? Er no!

But I do know that I want to do way more with my life. And I want to leave an imprint, to inspire others and most certainly my four children.

So back to my old school friend, Rachel, she works for the NSPCC, as a fundraiser and climbs mountains on a regular basis (certifiably crazy but very loveable!) as well as raising thousands of pounds for charity. Part of my life/biz mission is to give back, make a difference - so she could totally use this 'against' me to tag along, right? But more importantly I believe every child deserves a magical childhood.

More about the Trek here. With these crazy 'Jungle' dudes!

Foggy + Jake Icelandic Trek NSPCC
Foggy + Jake Icelandic Trek NSPCC

I've started journaling my training and the odd video, just to warm up to sharing every step of the way. So far I'm at 12.07km - yes that .07 really counts!!

I would love you to follow me along, I'm sure I'll be learning a lot over the next few months.

I'll be sharing on my blog, but you can also check out my Just Giving page story (if you feel called to you can sponsor me here too - leave your Social Media handle and I'll give you a call out x) or watch my vlog over on YOUTUBE if you would like to follow me.

I know I've been having a lot of conversation in my head about how I'm going to do it. But I remember how much I have already achieved in life.

There's been a lot of mountains, hot lava and ice cold experiences!!

I've come to learn that my inner strength, well it's been a bit of a super power, and you should know that too - you can do anything you desire with this one wild and precious life, you've come so far already.

What adventure would you love to have? Let me know in the comments below x

I'll keep you posted on progress and if you have any trekking (not that kind, Spock!) knowledge, throw it my way please ;-)

With love, woolly hats and a big flask of tea,