I never really knew what gratitude was until I started my personal development journey, well when did you last give it a thought? It sounds daft now I think on it. I'm very polite. So very thankful for so much in my life.

But who knew?

It wasn't something I thought about daily. It was taken for granted. I didn't know how very powerful and fulfilling the practice of Gratitude was. Because. Gratitude is not just a word. A way of verbally giving thanks or indeed a thank you.

It is a daily practice.

It is also incredibly healing to take time for Gratitude. As I have discovered.

Gratitude is part of being mindful. Of taking a moment daily to honour what has come into your life. The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

It is about recognising the lessons. gifts. pleasures. fulfilments. that have come your way. whichever way they came in. And sitting quietly in the beauty of being blessed.

So I ask you today.

What brings you Gratitude and how do you practice it?

And if you've never tried it before... Just take a piece of paper and pen.

Write down 10 things that have happened or come into your life in some way today...give it a minute your hand will soon start scribbling away!

love & gratitude x