There once was a woman lonely and blue. Was it me? Was it you? Was it someone you knew?

Let's travel back to the place she fell to the ground, a place where all of her options were bound.

It was dark and dangerous, a place that squished her soul - in a life felt that felt like a dramatically smashed bowl.

Her heart broken, her spirit no longer able to sing, she truly wished she was an angel with wings.

One day there was a whisper that felt like love (she was sure it came from above). It said "Remember, dear beautiful woman, this does not make you weak. You have a deep courage that makes you strong, I am sure you will find it before too long."

It was true, that courage found, she then took flight, to a place where no one knew her plight.

There she planted her roots deep, so as to rest within a weary sleep.

She walked bare footed and the earth met her there, so supported, through her despair.

As she woke and gazed about her she began to see, that there was magic in life, every day, enabling her to unfurl from where she lay.

Leading her to discover the magic within her, and that she, with all she had been through, was a beautiful reflection of life.