I Love when my feet kiss the earth.
That when I take a pen the ink flows easily.
In that moment, my pain eases + I remember me.
I Love to wander, write + most of all
- I Love that I found a way to live my Wild Truth.
— S.O

I'm Sam. I'm a writer, STORYTELLER + teacher.


When who I am falls out of my mouth (+ onto the page) I have to second check myself. (Yes for real.)

It has been a long ride and quite honestly if you had asked me 'what do you do?' around four years ago I may well of blubbed into your skirt (or trouser) tails!

My life has quite literally turned on its head and I find myself dipping in and out of my idyllic childhood in order to remind myself daily of the magic and miracle that mine (+ your) life is.


I often wonder how I fell off the 'happy me' trail in the first place

- life happens, it's a little messy, right?!


I'm all about getting life back on the 'happy me' trail. 

In my case this involves a daily dose of 'wandering + ink'; among some other super strategies and tools I have collected along the way - this is the space I share them with you.


All the secrets to your wellbeing lay in your desire to explore, experience and experiment with the very things you have forgotten.

To awaken the pathways to all that has been lost and all that needs to be renewed by delving into your mind, body + spirit and awakening your heart.

I have found that dancing with words, wandering in nature and inking my pains has been the greatest healing tool I have ever known.

My role in your healing journey is to leave a trail of treasure for you to seek out, select and take which ever jewel you need or desire in order to find your wild truth and be yourself once more.

2017-03-12 19.43.11.jpg
I am most at home when my bare feet are immersed in the ripples of the sea.
And when. 
I am wandering in the woods.
Lost enough to remember, I am wild.
Yet, found enough to know, my deepest truth.
These, amongst other very important people (+ things),
are my Wild Truths.
— S.O

love letters from me.

delivered to you with love.

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