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magic, wandering & ink


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I wrote furiously from the waters of my mind, it was illegible, but I didn’t need to re-read these words, I was lightening the load so I could sail full steam ahead. I battled demons I had no consciousness of; I tussled with blame, guilt, and incredible shame – all of their guts spilled out for the craziest of autopsies. As I wrote through seas of tears, the smog began to clear and I caught sight of a forgotten place. I found myself barefoot the ground caressing my feet, where had I fallen upon and who?
— From The Unlikely Warrior by sam osbiston

“I’ll begin with Magic, for without it, I would have had nothing to believe in…”

I guess I was always curious.

Curious enough not to except that every moment of the day had to be filled with sadness and nothingness.

Curious enough to remember there once was a girl who wandered in the wild, believed in fairies and loved every miracle nature gave her the privilege to see.

Seeing is believing, and if I can see it or have seen it, it is possible. If I can see it in my imagination, then that is possible too.

As a young child I grew up in the very beautiful and magical North Wales. I played in the worlds of my imagination and lived a fairly invisible life.

I yearned for that moment when someone would ‘discover’ me

and I would be seen and heard, just as I was.

It is not until I look back, perhaps with fondness and a slight rosy tint, that I saw that one person. The one person who believed in me so much that she created the very world I wanted to live in.

She was my fairy godmother, aka my Aunty Marjorie.

A step grandmother who in fairy tale terms ought to have been wicked, but no thankfully, she was the fairy godmother that would see me through my darkest days without realising, even now shes gone.

She had planted the most glorious seed within my heart…magic.

I am most at home when my bare feet are
immersed in the ripples of the sea.
And when. 
I am wandering in the woods.
Lost enough to remember, I am wild.
Yet, found enough to know, my deepest truth.
These, amongst other very important people (+ things),
are my Wild Truths.
— S.O.
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sam osbiston

Hello! I’m, Sam.

A Writer, Teacher, Author and Podcaster who guides curious humans to explore their lives creatively through inky adventures - to help you courageously heal, dip into your creative muse and soothe mind, body and soul for a simple, yet magical life.

I am all of those things, I am also a Mother, Wife and loyal friend, mostly I am a curious human who is just trying to get through this thing called life with a little dignity, a dash of positivity and a belief in being brave enough.

I am a sharer of voices, words, and the everyday stuff that gets hidden but needs to be spoken. 


My super power is being able to inject my imagination into the pains of life and find the magic from it all.


A calling…

Our experiences become the stories that are told to generations over and over, each time a new lesson taken by the listener and saved for a rainy day.

I was graced with the ability to see the rainbows in life, despite the sh1t storms, and well, I feel that sharing these experiences is not only my story to tell but a gift to give, and whether you keep the wrapping paper, the ribbon or the present; I hope you will find something that you can take away for that rainy day mix it with a little sunshine and find your own rainbows.

Above all, I hope my words find you and let you know you are not alone, you have been heard and understood.

The everyday me…

Weekends and holidays you’re sure to find me wandering in the wilderness (with the kids n hubby in tow), feeling the earth (or sand) beneath my feet, then once the fresh air has filled our lungs and awakened our spirits we’ll head home, piling in the door, shoes scattered and get comfy to sip hot chocolate while we watch a cheesy film together.

Other days I’ll be knee deep in laundry and hands in dish water, apron on and listening (most definitely singing along) to Kacey Musgraves, Glee Cast or some 80’s classics while watching people go by the window at my home in Wiltshire.

Daily I am inspired and ignited by my observations on the everyday magic hidden in the nooks and crannies of life which fuel my writing and my devotion to teaching.

what i know is…

All the secrets to your well being lay in your desire to explore, experience and experiment with the very things you have forgotten. To awaken the pathways to all that has been lost and all that needs to be renewed by delving into your mind, body, spirit and awakening your heart.

I have found that dancing with my emotions, wandering in nature and inking my pains has been the greatest healing tool I have ever known.

I believe in being brave, enough…just in this moment…

I believe ink has the power to heal, connect and inspire.

I love to weave my magic through words, with an extra sprinkle of fairy dust - just enough to intrigue your curiosity - I believe nothing should stand in your way (but I totally know that it does) My role in your healing journey is to leave a trail of treasure for you to seek out, select and take which ever jewel you need or desire in order to find your wild truth and be yourself once more.

Together, we are the difference…

I am multi-passionate.

Those who know me will vouch for that; if they can keep me still long enough in one place.

I care. About you, me and our mother earth.

I love life.

Mostly, I am passionate about (y)our voices and how if you are vulnerable and brave enough to stand up  and speak up there will be less places for dark secrets to hide and more good people inspired to stand up in the world – Let’s shine a light together on those dark places.

I Love when my feet kiss the earth.
That when I take a pen the ink flows easily.
In that moment, my pain eases + I remember me.
I Love to wander, write + most of all
- I Love that I found a way to live my wild truth.
— S.O
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My trail of jewels, for you…

It was your workshop that I really reflected on my personal experiences
and wrote about my story as a form of empowerment. Writing this then lead me on
to writing blogs which I have thoroughly enjoyed doing and doing so from a very
personal and authentic way. So thank you so much for pushing me over the starter line
of creative writing and not being afraid to tell my story and to appreciate that actually,
it may indeed help others which it has.
— Victoria