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Storytelling meets technology to create a powerful tool for your business.

Learn to develop a welcome series with MailChimp that invites your community to step into your story which will engage and inspire them to take action.

Join Sam Osbiston Geddes as she shares 8 years of experience creating successful systems with clients and how she magically marries technology with storytelling to provide you with the knowledge to apply this productive and highly engaging marketing tool to your business.

In this workshop, you will learn to craft your story and how to create a welcome series using MailChimp to engage your community.

• Understand how to craft your story

• Learn how to break your story into a series

• Learn how to create a welcome series in MailChimp

• Understand the steps in MailChimp so you can recreate an automated series again

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Come Network With Me is a heart-centred business connecting female business community members together to create a sense of belonging without the need for conformity. A place where members feel safe and ‘good enough’ as themselves, where they come to get support and dismiss the loneliness of self employment and where daring to be different and diversity is not only encouraged but celebrated.

Our CNWM The Expert Series brings you a diverse range of exceptional guest experts. 

Each expereince will combine an hour theory before lunch & then an hour practical session, so be prepared to get stuck in!

Sam Geddes is a Creative Non-Fiction writer, Co-Author of Women of Spirit and Founding Editor of Catching Life Magazine, a platform for mindful misfits to share their everyday stories and make a positive impact in the world. She loves wandering in nature and seeking out the magic in everyday, is a proud Mum of four crazily wonderful children. She believes in Being Brave Enough and shares all her messy and glorious wisdom on life (+ Business) through her writing and creative workshops.

Being Brave Enough:

The Power of Owning & Telling Your Story

 “What I know for sure is that speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have. I am especially proud and inspired by all the women who have felt strong enough and empowered to speak up and share their personal stories.” OPRAH

Stories are incredibly powerful.

When you are brave enough to tell your own story it has a powerful impact not only on your life but it creates a ripple effect that inspires and stimulates the community around you igniting positive change and growth.

In today’s world people are craving a different kind of connection that has been lost by the dispersion of our communities, conforming to silence and daily use of digital communication. Humans have an inherent need for connection, to feel like they are not alone in their experiences, to feel safe to use their voice and to be inspired to change a negative state into a positive action that ultimately will allow them to fall in love with themselves again and enable them to fulfil their dreams.

They are looking for you - Your story is one they need to hear.

In this workshop you will learn what tools you need to not only tell stories about your life experiences but demonstrate to your community that you own your story, and are prepared to be vulnerable in order that the truth is heard and acknowledged so others can make informed choices. You will also learn how you can interpret this into a series of communications to engage and inspire your community through varying platforms.

Key Learning:

  • Why people react positively to powerful story telling

  • How to step into owning your story to begin making a powerful impact on your life and business

  • How to craft your powerful story to connect with your community (+ ways to share that story)

If you are a service based business you have most likely had a major life change that was the catalyst to your journey to creating a business that truly serves others in making positive changes in their lives.

This workshop will enable you to confidently share that journey and put aside that ‘who me’ voice in your head and understand what and how to share elements of your story that will benefit your community in their lives.

Owning my story transformed how I wanted to create my business. It made me realise I was simply recreating the same thing I hated about conforming in all the wrong ways to someone else’s idea of what work and business ‘had’ to look like. It had me doing what I thought I was good at instead of what I loved and embodied, it told me I wasn’t good enough and who was I to tell anybody anything? 

Join us in a fun, safe and supportive environment let me help you stop the old stories that are preventing you from achieving your goals and dreams and step out to connect with your community to build trust and engagement by owning and telling your story.

Be Brave Enough.



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Calming + Inspirational.
— Participant, Being Here Day - Wandering + Ink

Wandering + Ink combines the tranquillity of mindfulness and the craft of creative writing to bring the mind and body together for complete connection in this immersive session in nature.

In this two and a half hour session, we will move into the practice of being in the moment and to explore, experiment and experience our creative impulses through writing in the beautiful gardens of Cleeve House, Seend.

Peaceful + Calmed Me.
— Participant, Being Here Day - Wandering + Ink

This is all about taking time for you to relax and tune into a different part of yourself away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It is also an opportunity to try something new to unlock those parts of yourself long forgotten.

This is a cathartic session, you will learn practical tools you can take away and ease into your own everyday routines, proven to enhance the wellbeing of your mind, body and spirit.

Cool, Inventive, Interesting - Stimulated my creativity, loved it, thank you.
— Participant, Being Here Day - Wandering + Ink

Session date:

Our Spring Session is: Wednesday, 7th March 9.30am till 11.45am.

— Participant, Being Here Day - Wandering + Ink

Beginners are very welcome no experience of mindfulness or creative writing is required.

A whatever the weather event so please bring your wellies and raincoat! Please bring a notebook and pen/ pencil.

Refreshments will be served afterwards on the veranda or the main hall.

I look forward to welcoming you.


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I had a moment early on in my journey of recovery when it felt like I had awoken from a very long nightmare to the most delicious smell that brought with it a gentle memory of good - My saving grace...fresh tomatoes straight from the vine.

They took me back to my childhood. It was right where I needed to go. It gave me my magic back.

Since that point, I have wanted to share with you a way of delving into 'the good' as part of your everyday.

So, I bring you this delightful Instagram daily photo challenge in a bid to inspire you to 'Remember the Good'.

For every day throughout March, there is a prompt, something to coax your curiosity into exploring, experimenting or experiencing as part of your day to entice memories, cosy up in pure goodness and tantalise your senses. Take a moment to discover where the prompt word will take you and then share a photo (use your phone or a camera) that encapsulates what you discovered.

I will be sharing my good every day too. 

To join in, just save the graphic below it has all the details you need and if you would like to tag me when you share your photo in Instagram @samosbiston and use the #rememberthegood2018 I would love to see your discoveries.

Do what makes you feel good.

Sam x

Remember the Good IG square Spring 18.png
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Being Here Day

About the day

This is a day of sharing, relaxing, stretching and wellbeing, come and join us in this wonderful venue in the heart of the Wiltshire countryside. You can choose to bring something to share, or just bring yourself and enjoy what others have to offer. All activities and talks are optional and included in the price. Lunch and refreshments are also provided.

Sam will be facilitating 'Wandering + Ink' session tasters during the day.

When? Sunday 18th February 2018

Where? Cleeve House Seend Melksham Wiltshire SN12 6PG

What time? 10am - 4pm

What is going on? Everything and nothing, there will be talks, movement practices, time for laughter and meditation. A chance to learn and a chance to share but most of all a chance just to be!

Will there be food? Yes, teas and coffee will be available throughout the day, and a warming lunch will be served.

As well as activities there will be jigsaws, colouring and oracle cards to explore.

If you want to make new friends, spend time with old friends, learn something new, stretch or relax your body and feed or quieten your mind then this is for you.

OR If you want to come, to read a book, sit by the fire, or walk among the trees, then this is for you.

How much will it cost? The cost of the day for those who just want to be here and enjoy is £60.

Contact Bindi Gauntlett for further information at

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