find your magic


 Rekindle within you the magic of everyday living.



A collection of insightful online classes crafted with curious humans in mind.

Wonder, Play, Being Present and Capturing what is truly magical in your life and the world around you are all fundamental necessities to living a fulfilled and joyful life.

By taking part in experiences that enhance your senses and expand your creativity, you are also taking care of your health and well-being. Sometimes consistently bringing these essential and enjoyable aspects into your life can be hard - I'd love to make it simple for you.

Curiosity has led me to learn and uncover a myriad of invaluable, creative and life changing gifts for both my inner and outer world. I leave a trail of jewels behind me to intrigue your curiosity , help you ink your pains so you can heal and grow beyond your current beliefs and ensure you are supported in your journey.

My classes help you re-discover those forgotten parts of yourself and teach you how to bring magic into your every day life .


Wander & Ink.

With an inky twist on the practice of mindfulness this Wander & Ink class will allow you to step out of the pressure, pain and hustle bustle of modern life and encourage you to dip into those forgotten parts of yourself that yearns for a fulfilled and joyful life.

Next Class: Friday, 29th March 2019

Venue: The Head Shed, Whitley, Wiltshire

Tickets: Available through Eventbrite.

I felt like I was in a space of safe tranquillity, at one with nature. I felt better in myself. Calm. Safe. Like time had stopped and I had stepped into another world.
— Kate


Immerse yourself in the magic of ink and find your flow.

A guided journaling experience to Ink your pains, heal old stories and create a new story encompassing your deepest desires.

Registration Opens: 15th March 2019

Online Class Begins: 15th April 2019

Tickets: Available from this website

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Thank you for a wonderful morning full of love and inspiration. This was exactly what I needed.
I’m leaving with a deeper determination to stop comparing and start owning who I AM.

You have much sincerity and passion.
— Cordelia

Ink Your Brave.

A one day class.

Write into the core of your raw, real and courageous self.

In this class you will be delving into the stories that stop you from fully expressing yourself and courageously inking brave new ones.

Next Class: Autumn, 2019

Venue: TBC

Tickets: Available through Eventbrite

For early notification & insider treats please join the community through the button below.

I came to Sam’s workshop just at the right time for me. It was when I was going through a big transformation in my life and was on the brink of making big changes in my life and career. Sam’s workshop was the reminder that I needed; to be brave, to allow myself to be more fully seen and just go for it. I left feeling inspired, courageous and a knowing that I needed to do what had niggled at me. Thank you Sam for the wonderful reminder of how powerful our personal stories are and how when we share them, it helps others feel less alone.
— Ismene