If you have completed your Christmas shopping (+ even if you haven't) It is time to think about the wrapping - I mean really think!

This is my favourite part of Christmas (of course) so here are my out of the box tactics to make your wrapping a bit more Eco-friendly:

  • Talking of boxes - they're good (plentiful) and can be recycled!
  • Brown paper has a multitude of purposes.

As too has coloured Kraft paper, very often far better quality and easier to use (less of the pointy presents peeking out). The paper to avoid, if you're embracing your inner Eco-warrior is anything shiny, sparkly or glossy. It's a misconception to think if there's no pattern then it's recyclable that's not necessarily the case.

Pop on your creative hat and think about  these wrapping alternatives:

  • A tea towel, a scarf, a tablecloth.

Fabric is flexible and is particularly good for wrapping awkward shapes. Even a pretty duvet cover that you no longer need can be cut up to create wrapping material. I once had a silk skirt, bought from a charity shop, and no longer liked. I cut it up and tore it into ribbons, which then had a lovely raw edge - Luxurious silk ribbons!

  • If your wrapping smaller items you could use an egg box.

 They come in lovely colours these days and you can add a band of festive paper around the middle to keep it closed.


  • Use comics, magazines and newspapers as alternative wrapping. Newspapers can look smart. Financial Times can look pretty. Foreign language papers can look cool!


  • Or.....a tin can! I have a love of tin cans. I prefer to use the ones with a ring pull so the top is smooth and safe with no jagged edges. Clean and dry it thoroughly. You can glue ribbon around it, or paper and pop your gift inside with tissue paper. Voila!


  • I only use real ribbon, but if you find you are getting through too much thick red or cream wool is a wonderful alternative for a rustic, natural look.
  • Pick a few bits of greenery from your garden and tie it in with garden twine. Pine, fir, bay, rosemary are all lovely and aromatic. Store a few little bunches in damp oasis block so when you need to top a gift, you're ready to roll.
  • If you need some sparkle perhaps you have some old brooches, necklaces or old earrings you can you can add onto a gift tag.


Glitter may be lovely - but it is no friend when it comes to the environment.


Scientists are calling for glitter to be banned because it is a micro-plastic and therefore not biodegradable.

So if, like many, you are totally obsessed with glitter and unicorns.... stick with the unicorns, they never did anyone any harm!

I love a bit of glitter, so I'm currently researching alternatives and it's my mission, in January, to bring you news of alternatives.


Amanda White is the founder of Gift Frippery. She shares so much more than her gift wrapping services, it is indeed a deep dive into creative mindfulness.

She admits that she can’t walk along a beach without picking up driftwood, shells or more recently, seaweed. In the country, it would seem silly to leave a perfect pine cone behind when she knows it will come in handy at some point. She believes there’s also a beauty in these simple things.

After years as a primary school teacher and part time radio presenter, she has put her own unique twist on gift wrapping with her love of collecting often coming into play with the fripperies.

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