I am sat here on my well loved antique chair. To write.

Yet, I am staring at the dancing leaf shadows on the crazy paved patio, almost nodding off. My son (who is on a TD day) is in the next room, he's eating an orange, I am slightly distracted by his obvious enjoyment of it. Outside the bin lorry is going about its duty taking my focus momentarily as I decide, or more wait, to be inspired to get my ink flowing.

I never knew I was going to be a writer. I remember a few years ago when I first started journaling again. I wasn't enamoured by the thought. I couldn't imagine sitting still long enough or indeed that anything of value would fall out of this tired body of mine. Besides my mind was a shambles back then. 

I've kept all of my journals, since, there are many pages which are unreadable - a reflection of my self at the time. Funnily enough those journals carried me here the point whence I am ready to embrace my writing 'gift' and see what happens.

There is indeed so much to say out loud or boldly write on crisp cream pages that will pass through many hands. As writers I believe it is our privilege, and responsibility, to transpose the real and the dreamy onto paper (or screen) as to wake and inspire others with allowing themselves to open to the possibilities of a fulfilled and joyful life.

You read.

You learn.

You write.

You grow.

You read.

You know.

It is undeniably an incredibly rich creative cycle.

There is a freedom gained, when you have the courage, in writing. Whether you let yourself loose to re-imagine a life of day dreams or you are prepared to delve into facts and experiences to share the realities of this life. Both are worthy.

To be informed (the informer) or inspired (the inspiration) is a great gift to the world.

I'm tinkering on the edge of the kind of writer I could be, in doing so, I risk slipping back into my non-creative brain. The one that prevents me from being a writer who is free to ink all she wants.

Writing is cathartic, you bleed, you grow. The world bleeds and grows with you.

Just write.

Sam Geddes is a writer, storyteller and teacher you will find her wandering the wilderness in Wiltshire, often with her four children in tow and seeking out the magic in everyday. Founding Editor of Catching Life Magazine, she has a passion for mindful misfits finding their way in the world and creating a world that works with Mother Nature and not against her.

Sam shares her wild truth on healing and all the messy glorious wisdom that comes from it over at | Facebook Instagram