I had a last minute cancellation so had no clients today but I was invited to a focus group for a new fashion app in the evening. I could therefore pull together a casual look and selected the jeans, striped top, scarf and coat. The coat is just a smidge too small on my shoulders. I can cope with it for 30 days but any longer and it would drive me crazy!

It highlights how important it is to have clothes that fit you well because it's highly likely your clothes will remain unworn and unloved if they are not right.

Outfit cost: £17


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Becky Barnes is a Personal Stylist and Founder of Becky Barnes Style. She combines her passion for helping women achieve more than they ever thought possible, with a life long love of clothes. She believes clothes can be life changing, once you accept your true beauty and understand how to dress to make the most of your natural shape and colouring - they'll be no stopping you. You can discover more about her at | Facebook | Instagram