Your child is WILD, they said. There is something not quite right with what is in his head.

He likes to move, to fidget and lacks focus - how can he possibly pay attention whilst carrying on with all that hocus pocus? He ought to be rigid, frozen, fully disciplined and eagerly listening instead.

Your child is WILD, they said. A pill, A pill, he must have a pill!

That will be the cure, indeed - because surely he must be very very ill. There is no other quite like him, he constantly refuses to converse with the school nurse.

Your child is WILD, they said. WE HAVE DONE EVERYTHING!

He's run a red light on several occasions, we've locked him away to be alone with his thoughts and we've poked him and dragged him, we really have tried all sorts. No there really doesn't seem to be another way - he will have to stay at home with you today.

My child is WILD, I said. His smile fills my heart with joy, I believe there is magic dancing around in his head.

I wish I could spend everyday absorbing all that delightful magic. But No. off to school he goes to learn his P+Qs that time and time again, we are told, will certainly make him bold. (but fills his head with dread.) 

My child is WILD, I said. He is also the brightest star you ever did see.

No pill can give that to me.

He is unique, a one boy show. There are none so beautiful as that, I know. His brilliance can be difficult to understand, because, I am glad to say, there is no one quite like him in all the land.

My child is WILD, they said. And I said.

Just take a moment to sit and watch, to listen, to see what he sees. To understand, there is no room for improvement. Especially not by a heavy hand.

If you would only take the time to see him, in all his glory. I am so very sure that we ALL could learn how our crazy, narrow minded, unkind society could be such a beautiful and wild story.

Sam Geddes is a writer, storyteller and teacher you will find her wandering the wilderness in Wiltshire, often with her four children in tow and seeking out the magic in everyday. Founding Editor of Catching Life Magazine, she has a passion for mindful misfits finding their way in the world and creating a world that works with Mother Nature and not against her.

Sam shares her wild truth on healing and all the messy glorious wisdom that comes from it over at | Facebook | Instagram